asante amen



ASANTE AMEN              

                    Originaire de :      Jamaica/Kingston

“I believe I was born to sing the Most Highs’ praises and inspire people through sound”. In a nutshell this sentence describes the kind of artist Asante Amen – born Gavin

Walters – is.

As a singer/songwriter he has penned many songs and has added harmonies to numerous others over his 9 year stint in the music business. As a performer he has graced the stages of some of the more prestigious events in reggae music such as; Rebel Salute (JA), Irie Jamboree (USA), St. Mary Mi Come From (JA) and The Woodstock Reggae Festival (USA). He has performed in the United States of America, The Bahamas, Grenada and all across Jamaica; however this is just the beginning as he looks forward to his music carrying him to places and venues across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Asante Amen has had the privilege of collaborating on tracks with artists such as Lutan Fyah and Jah Thundah as well as a host of other local and international reggae artists. For Asante, music speaks to him in a very special way and so far, by all accounts, all his singles releases to date have had a similar impact on many reggae fans across the world as well.

After taking a year off (2009) to explore other aspects of life, Asante Amen has returned with a number of new singles and is also presently shooting a new music video for one of the singles. Songs such as WHY and CAAN MANAGE are fresh, new and creative tracks from Asante that have been released and are receiving much love from the public so far. WIPE YOUR TEARS however is the new single that is expected to do even more for him and its’ impending release will be coupled with a video that expertly captures the songs’ storyline.

So for Asante Amen 2010 and beyond is looking bright and his musical journey is expected to grow from strength to strength.



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