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After nurturing his talent for over three decades, coming from a family of Kingstonians, music played a great part of Andrews Life.



After nurturing his talent for over three decades, coming from a family of Kingstonians, music played a great part of Andrews Life. Andrew would listen to the songs that his grandmother and older people would play in those days Such as ‘Ride me donkey’ & songs like ‘Stick by me’. As Andrew became a little older he started to listen to singers like Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson, and Errol Dunkley who was a close friend of the family living amongst them as a family member. As Andrew became older he would enter singing competitions of which he won quite a few.

When Andrew's family travelled to Jamaica he would sing on a few of the local sounds alongside his friend Conrad Smith the late Panhead from out of Marvley. On the 28th of August 1984. Andrew arrived at ‘JJ studio’... also to be recorded that day was another artist Clover Campbell. The song that Andrew recorded was named ‘I've Got A love’ which was written by Sloley & Wayne Morris (Dub Creator). It was not the first release. The first release was Super Star & My Baby which was a double AA 12 inch single, which was released in 1986 on the Smoove record label which was set up by Andrew and Wayne Morris (Dub Creator). In 1987 the second release was ‘I've Got A Love/Girl I Love You’ (Double AA 12 inch) Andrew & Wayne (Dub Creator) had a good response on Girl I Love You, which David Rodigan was the first to play & credited it as a good song. He even called Andrew & Wayne (Dub Creator) personally to let them know he was going to play it.

Then came the release of ‘Again’ in 1996 which has had many plays on choice FM, nevertheless Andrew and Gary Lewis started recorded the first song named ‘Pretty Little Brown Skin Girl’ which was written by Gary (Digi-Tec) they then went on to do ‘Put Down the Gun’, ‘Give Thanks’ and ‘Blue Suede shoes’ feat. Mr Klassic. They also did an album called Digi-Tec Volume 1 ft. U.K artists such as Lloyd Brown, Andrew himself , Winston Reedy, Leroy Simmons, Michael Gordon, Donette William's, Charelle Nadine & Glen Sloley. was released on December the 12th 2007.

Since then Andrew has put himself up on MySpace, he has been privileged to have worked with ‘Not Easy At All Production’, ‘Dub Syntix’, ‘U.K Homegrown’, ‘Ras in Canada’, and many, many more. Up to date, which was the 14th of February Andrew was also given the privilege to perform on the ‘Tribute to Alton Ellis’ who has been named the Godfather of Reggae. Andrew thanks those like J Thompson also Lovella Ellis, Erron, and all those who were associated with this opportunity. “I was given the opportunity to be able to perform for a man who was truly a legend” said ‘Andrew who was truly a legend” said ‘Andrew Many years have gone past and Many years have gone past and Andrew as an artist he does not believe he is where he should be or reached his full potential, but as a good soldier Andrew continues to pursue his dreams. And if it is the will of God Andrew's dream will become reality!

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